dedicated to yuzuru hanyu, little ice prince.



Amino Vital CM [x]

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isn’t it funny how sometimes one wrong sentence can change everything? how it can bring out the best kept secrets, emotions you didn’t even know were harbouring, and lead to impulsive decisions that will affect the lives of your loved ones?

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"win some, learn some."

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Anonymous yodelled: I miss you... :(

aww, really? ;n;

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beautiful moments in a beautiful outfit C:

8-13/ gifs of yuzuru hanyu ♡

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"When they’re cheering “Russia! Russia!”, I pretend they’re cheering “Hanyu! Hanyu!”"
—Yuzuru Hanyu

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Yuzuru Hanyu + Ina Bauer (x) (x) (x)

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"I want to study English, but I don’t want to study English!"
—Yuzuru Hanyu

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heart broke when haru yelled at makoto to stop meddling with everyone’s business and makoto letting go of harus arm..

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equinewhisperer yodelled: BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD!!! Once you are given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of 10 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out.


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You spend to many lonely nights dreaming about Tachibana?
Now you have a chance to hug his soft (too soft) body every night and wake up with him by your side every morning!
Maybe you want to take him to the pool or beach? Here are two sides of Makoto, for you particular situations!
And just look, he has some long and sweet thing in his hands for these hot days!
So all you have to do is:
1) reblog! No follow needed
2) do it as many times, as you want!
3) open your ask box
4) wait till 25 September!

Thank you for being with me!
And yes, I had so much fun writing this post :DD

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Dedicated to those whose very existence depend on his ina bauer.

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irresistible bedhead

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