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What Yuzu wrote in his elementary school graduation album

                   A Moment                 ~Hanyu Yuzuru~

  In these 6 years, the thing that has remained most in my mind is skating. I learned of fun and frustration and many other things.
  5 years after I started skating, in grade 4, I participated in nationals for the first time. I was more excited than nervous. I practised harder than usual while thinking “I must win.”
   The day came. My turn to go was number 1.  The people from my club told me, “Number 1 is tough, but please try your best.”   I said, “I’m good at being number 1, so it will be alright” and the nervousness of everyone and myself was eased.
   “Number 1, Hanyu Yuzuru kun.” The cue came and I started my performance. I thought of nothing else and became totally absorbed in giving my best to my performance. In a blink, I was at the ending moment with my final pose. The large crowd gave me a thunderous applause. Now I still remember that moment. I was very happy. And for the first time, I thought, “I want to thank the audience.”
   In this big competition, I learned the feeling of “wanting to thank the audience”. I want to continue skating and learning many things along the way.

(translated by me) (pic credit: horiyan)
*He won the gold at this competition but he did not mention it at all.  Instead, he wrote about feeling thankful.  Only 12 years old, and he already had that grateful heart that we see in him now.
*I think his handwriting is really nice for a 12 year-old boy. :)

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Yuzuru Hanyu + Animation Gifs Part 1

(P.S. Thank you for 300 followers ♡)

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Lost Yuzu at ANA conference owo

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 Squishy cheeks part 2/

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pooh says hi C:

96-97/∞ gifs of yuzuru hanyu ♡

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Yuzuru Hanyu + Evgeni Plushenko

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Yuzuru doing Pilates.

Pilates are hard yo!

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do you love bubble tea?! fun fact, it’s from taiwan ;3

only $15 left until we get to $100! can we reach this goal before i go back to taiwan tonight?! if you have anything to spare PLEASE help me send support to the explosion victims of taiwan


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ohsehunope yodelled: hello! i saw your post about being a good person, the leaked gas and the donation for Taiwan so i was wondering if i could do a little thing? i can't donate any money tbh because i'm always broke but idk i could help out with the prizes? i draw and i paint and such. So if you're interested, let me know! Anyway, your idea is awesome and helpful ♥

aww! i hope your financial situation gets better soon ♥ i really appreciate that you reblogged it so that other people can see it ^ ^ guys even if you can’t donate, please help out by spreading the worddd

you can help me with prizes?!?! that’s so sweet omg thank you very much i’ll let you know. :)

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 A triple axel from standing, brought to you by Yuzuru Hanyu, feat. Akko and Mao chan speechless ^-^

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the last words i said to my grandmother in taiwan before she died from cancer were, "grandma - it’s claire, i’m back from canada to see you. i promise that i will work hard in school and piano, and i will be a good person." she was gone the next morning.

over time i’ve been thinking about what constitutes being a good person. ralph waldo emerson says that the purpose of life is to be useful, honourable, and compassionate - and i agree. being a good person means to do good and have good intentions, to not hesitate to extend help, to have compassion for those in need. it means being someone who will hold hands with you while you’re strong, and pull you back up when you are weak.

this is why i want to start a disaster relief fundraiser for taiwan. last week in kaohsiung (the second largest city in taiwan) there was a gas leak, which led to explosions that killed 30 people, injured more than 400, and left many others homeless. eyewitnesses reported collapsed buildings, fireballs in the sky, and flames reaching up to 15 m high - definitely not something we see every day.

let’s extend an international helping hand, guys - we can’t replace what they’ve lost but we can help them to recover. here is the link to donate! i’d be really really really grateful if we could reach the goal. 

please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

i will send personal thank yous to everybody and i’m also contacting some people so i might be able to give out some prizes to donors :)

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Yuzuru Hanyu + New LP - Jumps

a.k.a praying for your knees

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Anonymous yodelled: can i ask a question? How did you want to do this fundraiser? Was "it looks good on college apps" a part of the motive behind this? I come from a country that's like that too, underprivileged students, girls who are still in servitude. I never helped. I hated everything about that country and left. I want to know how do you start and who do you give the money to? Is there an organization you'll give the money to later after you collect it? You probably have the account linked to a bank right?

to start a fundraiser you have to know your cause and step out from being a bystander. i’m sorry to hear that you hated the country :( i think it’s possible for you to help them change for the better! support the underprivileged students and the girls in servitude, and then maybe you won’t hate it so much. from what i’ve researched before starting, you have to link the online account to a bank (the money goes from the site to the bank account and then from the bank account to charity). 

why did i want to start? taiwan is important to me. i spent the first few years of my life there before moving to canada. my home in taiwan was the walls on which i practiced writing the alphabet. a bus in taiwan (630, i think it was?) was where i lost my left shoe and had to hop home. the food in taiwan is what made me realize, last summer, that eating is not a waste of energy/time and food is actually GOOD.

from the moment i heard of the explosion i wanted to start the fundraiser. i wanted to help a country i love. (if i wasn’t leaving for taiwan in a few days, i’d definitely do a charity concert.) there is no other motive - they are people in need and i want to help them. i was not thinking of my college apps at all - in fact, now that i think about it i don’t even know how i would put it on my application tbh. not everything we do has to be for the college application :) we can help for the sake of helping. sometimes it feels like our generation has forgotten this.

i turned to you guys because you’ve always helped me in times of need (heh math) and from that i know that you guys are supportive and compassionate and thoughtful and amazing and sosososo kindhearted. i’m here for you guys too anytime, my ask is always here if you need advice or anything. i love you very very much, i really hope you know that. 

donate here! ^ ^

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Anonymous yodelled: thats nice! I'm applying for ones in the states too. I have Berkely in mind for now. What about you? Are you going to apply to UBC? UBC's amazing from what I've heard.

oh yeah ive been thinking about berkeley! i have friends there and this guy named nemo from my school got in :) GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

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