dedicated to yuzuru hanyu, little ice prince.


Fantasy on ice 2014 in toyama

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it’s midnight and im having a bonding moment with my tub of ice cream

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my favourite pencil 

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Anonymous yodelled: i haven't seen any of your posts recently so i'm glad to see you coming back! Make more yuzu posts kay? I love you claire!

aww you’re so sweet!! it’s just that i’m super busy this summer, but i still check tumblr often so i’ll see messages from you guys :3 thank you so much for making me smile. i love you too ♥♥

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Anonymous yodelled: do have other blogs other than this one?

i blog pretty things 

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Anonymous yodelled: Why do you always split your edits in half? Just wondering.

because it’s really big

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oughtisms yodelled: Which country are you from? :)

canada 🍁 (unless you meant birth country? ps your snail icon is adorable!)

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so many plane crashes recently - malaysian airlines, transasia, air algeria.. thoughts and prayers for the missing people, and the people missing them.

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Anonymous yodelled: You're from Canada, right? I'm going to Toronto, Canada tomorrow with friends and family and was wondering if you know any places around Toronto that we should visit. Or even snacks that US don't have? :3

yeah i’m from canada (west coast though!) it’s super cool that you’re coming to visit :) cool things to do here include studying igloo architecture and polar bear back riding. jokes ;)

you can check out the cn tower, or if you like amusement parks there’s canada’s wonderland :) if you’re interested in applying to canadian universities it may be a good idea to visit them - like u of t (pchiddy’s going to school here next year), waterloo, mcmaster etc. and here are some sites with more attractions you can check out:    

special canadian food hmm.. poutine, maple syrup, beaver tails (it’s a pastry haha)! other than that the food options should be quite similar to US.. except i think you guys have more variety in fast food and ice cream places. :) 

WELCOME ♥ hope you have a great time!!

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twitter email notifications are the most annoying things

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2014Yuzuru Hanyu + Beppyon


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you guys are so awesome thank you for helping me  i’m extremely scared/insecure/paranoid about submitting stuff without cross checking with other people haha so thank you for being here ^ ^

shoutout to drowning-in-moonlight, seobiiiiieluv, pekebella, @galaxylingling, talentozero, panda-hat-meesh, and blindvchi

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why are tumblrs so embarrassing

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